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Wait, what is Engineered Marketing?

Engineered Marketing is pure velocity.
It's a get-shit-done approach to test your ideas as fast as possible.
It's about getting developers super powers with no hassle.
Don't let lack of coding skills become a bottleneck for your ideas!





The Pillars: #tools

Tools are the soul of your Engineered Marketing projects. The more you know the less you have to code. In this channel you can share and learn how to use the most powerful tools out there and stay on the cutting edge of the latest Engineered Marketing technologies.

The Prestige: #orchestration

Tools are cool. Making tools communicate each other is even better. Every time a new tool is available in the market, the things you can do with it increase exponentially with the number of other tools you know. In this channel you can share your favourite pieces of content about making tools work together.

The Wave: #launch

Someone said that "marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department". The next generation of Marketers are tech savvy people who know how to create Growth Engines. In this channel you can share and get inspired by codeless platforms that drive results.

The Language: #api

Building Engineered Marketing projects without coding skills is like speaking a different language. The more you practice, the more you can improve, but it takes time to really master the language and you don't have time. API is the new language you have to learn if you want to really master Engineered Marketing. In this channel you can get help from API-speaking people.

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